Sheep Registration

Online Registration:

You may register using the forms below, or you can register online using this link.

All current members wanting to access the online program will need to first click the link above, then click on the link to sign-up for NCWGA Online. Those wanting to become new members of the NCWGA will still need to fill-out a paper/pdf form and send it with payment to the address below. After they have been added as a member, then they can sign-up for online access.

Printable Forms:

Definitions and instructions for filling out the Sheep Registration Application and Transfer Forms are located on page 2 of the form. Please make checks payable to NCWGA and send your completed Sheep Registration to the address below.

  • Work Order Form (Must accompany ALL forms. This has all the pricing) – PDF
  • Membership Application (New & Renewal) – PDF
  • Certified Registered – Page 1: Both Parents are Registered with NCWGAPDF
  • Certified Registered: Additional Pages – PDF
  • Pedigree Registered – Page 1: One OR both of the Parents are NOT Registered with NCWGA, but you have Tag#s or names or other Reg#s for them – PDF
  • Pedigree Registered: Additional Pages – PDF
  • Pedigree Listed: Nothing known about one or both parents – PDF
  • Transfer Form:  Transfer animal immediately after NEW registration – PDF
  • Service Form: Certify service of sire you don’t own – PDF
  • Breed Codes: NCWGA Breed codes – PDF

Sheep Registration George & Lynn Morgan
19508 Tiller Trail HWY
Days Creek, OR 97429


Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to assist NCWGA members in the improvement, promotion, development of naturally colored sheep and the colored wool they produce. In 1977, NCWGA was formed as a non-profit national organization to support these common goals.

Vision Statement

The growth and popularity of hand spinning, weaving, felting and other wool crafts have resulted in a demand for the wide variety of naturally-colored wool. No Dyes Needed. The Modern handcrafters and fiber artists are more knowledgeable, discriminating, and demand higher-quality fleeces than those required by the textile industry. Since 1977 NCWGA has recognized the need for high-quality wool sheep that produced a high quality and very useable product.