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Single (first time dam) Ewe born 2/3/24
Breeds: 61.3% Romney, 18.7 Romeldale, 8.1% Corriedale, 4.5% Wensleydale, and a tiny Lincoln, Rambouillet, Border Leicester, and Coopworth
Dam is moorit cross, sire is black Romney.

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Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to assist NCWGA members in the improvement, promotion, development of naturally colored sheep and the colored wool they produce. In 1977, NCWGA was formed as a non-profit national organization to support these common goals.

Vision Statement

The growth and popularity of hand spinning, weaving, felting and other wool crafts have resulted in a demand for the wide variety of naturally-colored wool. No Dyes Needed. The Modern handcrafters and fiber artists are more knowledgeable, discriminating, and demand higher-quality fleeces than those required by the textile industry. Since 1977 NCWGA has recognized the need for high-quality wool sheep that produced a high quality and very useable product.